Support Eugene Mirman’s Uganda Petition on the White House Website (2ND UPDATE)

Comedian Eugene Mirman managed to sneak a vulgar petition past the folks at the open petition section of The White House’s website. Mirman spread the word about it via Twitter, writing, “I’m somewhat surprised my petition to have Barack Obama tell Uganda to go fuck themselves was approved.”

Here’s what his petition says:

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO:To tell Uganda to go fuck themselves.I would like Barack Obama to go on television and tell Uganda that their new anti-gay law is an outrageous crime against mankind and that they should go fuck themselves. I want him to keep saying “fuck you Uganda” until it is clear he is tired. Them I want him to say it one more time.

UPDATE 4:50 PM EST: The petition was unsurprisingly removed for containing “obscene, vulgar, or lewd material.” Check out a screenshot of the petition below.

UPDATE #2 Wednesday 11:30 PM EST: Eugene Mirman posted another petition, this one being clean. Mirman wrote on Facebook, “I guess we’ll all find out if it can stay up?”:

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO:Tell Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni that he is a Ding-Dong-Boob-Poopy and request he kill himself.We are disgusted by Uganda’s backwards, human rights betraying anti-gay law that passed recently. Knowing that it is not appropriate for the President to swear in front of children on television (even HBO), we ask that Barack Obama calls Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni a “ding-dong-boob-poopy” over and over and then sincerely for five to ten minutes, tries to convince him to commit suicide. We’d then like Obama to sternly request that everyone involved with passage of that law puts “their ding-dongs into their own hoo-hoos for up to forty-five minutes.”
Support Eugene Mirman’s Uganda Petition on the White […]