The 91 Best Comedies Currently Streaming Online

As Netflix original shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards made splashes at the Golden Globes, it’s easy to forget that Netflix started as a movie delivery service. But Netflix, along with Amazon and Hulu, still offers plenty of great comedy movies and TV shows across a range of sub-genres. We sorted through those absurdly specific categories, stoner-pandering straight-to-streaming movies, and frustrating-looking standup specials to compile the best 91 comedies available for streaming across the three services. (This is a guide just to streaming services, so great shows like Eagleheart and The Eric Andre Show which are both available via their network’s website or YouTube page, are not eligible). So go ahead and do some binge watching, we won’t blame you.


Catch up on the movies you haven’t seen so you don’t get scolded by weird friends. If you are a weird friend, refresh yourself on these well-known movies to give you more ammo for scolding.

Airplane! - Netflix

Beverly Hills Cop - Amazon

The Breakfast Club - Netflix

Clueless - Netflix

Duck Soup - Netflix

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Netflix

Ghostbusters - Netflix

Harold and Maude - Netflix

Heathers - Netflix

Modern Times - Hulu Plus

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Netflix

Trading Places - Netflix

Wayne’s World - Amazon


Comedy nerds can increase their knowledge with these movies that go behind the scenes.

The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie - Netflix

Johnny Carson: King of Late Night - Netflix/Amazon

Man on the Moon - Hulu Plus

Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project - Hulu

Nantucket Film Festival’s Comedy Roundtable (with Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, and Bill Hader) - Netflix


It feels like some of these movies were in theaters last week, while others are a little older. If you missed them on the big screen, you can take advantage of the speed of the internet and stream them.

Computer Chess - Hulu Plus

Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus - Netflix

Frances Ha - Netflix/Amazon

Hot Rod - Netflix

Mystery Team - Hulu

Paper Heart - Hulu


Check out these comedies from overseas.

Four Lions - Netflix/Amazon

In Bruges - Netflix

In The Loop - Netflix/Hulu Plus/Amazon

Klown - Netflix

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life - Netflix

Submarine - Netflix

The Trip - Hulu Plus/Amazon


Some of the best comedies are also dramatic.

Adventureland - Netflix

Fargo - Netflix

The Kids Are All Right - Netflix

Lost in Translation - Hulu Plus

Prince Avalanche - Netflix

Punch-Drunk Love - Netflix

Safety Not Guaranteed - Netflix

Sleepwalk with Me - Netflix

Tiny Furniture - Hulu Plus

The Truman Show - Netflix


Streaming services have become a home to standup specials the same way HBO and Comedy Central have been for decades.

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive - Netflix

Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same - Netflix

Bo Burnham: what. - Netflix

Colin Quinn: Long Story Short - Hulu

Dana Gould: Let Me Put My Thoughts in You - Hulu

George Carlin: It’s Bad For Ya - Netflix

John Mulaney: New In Town - Netflix

Kathleen Madigan: Madigan Again - Netflix

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain - Netflix

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain - Netflix

Louis C.K.: Chewed Up - Hulu

Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater - Netflix

Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend - Netflix

Morgan Murphy: Irish Goodbye - Netflix

Reggie Watts: Why $#!+ So Crazy? - Netflix

Stella: Live in Boston - Hulu

Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion - Amazon


Great movies can be harder to find online, but these great TV shows and more are all available, giving you hundreds of hours worth of laughs.

30 Rock - Netflix

Arrested Development - Netflix

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Hulu Plus

Childrens Hospital - Netflix

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Netflix

Community - Hulu Plus

Freaks and Geeks - Netflix

Home Movies - Amazon

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret - Netflix

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Netflix

Key & Peele (season 1 only) - Amazon

The Larry Sanders Show - Amazon

Louie - Netflix

Nathan For You - Amazon

The Office (US) - Netflix

Parks and Recreation - Netflix/Amazon

Portlandia - Netflix

South Park - Hulu Plus

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Amazon

Undeclared - Netflix

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous - Amazon


Although they’ve been airing on TV Land constantly, take advantage of the opportunity to see why these shows influenced the people who make your favorite shows today.

Barney Miller (season 3 only) - Hulu

The Bob Newhart Show (seasons 1-3 only) - Hulu

Cheers - Netflix/Amazon

The Dick Van Dyke Show - Amazon

Frasier - Netflix/Amazon

The Office (UK) - Amazon


Shows from outside of the United States, but loved by people inside the United States (and tons of other places too).

Blackadder - Netflix

Fawlty Towers - Netflix/Amazon

Fresh Meat - Hulu

The Inbetweeners (UK)  (seasons 1 and 2 only) - Netflix

Little Britain - Netflix

The Thick of It - Hulu

The 91 Best Comedies Currently Streaming Online