‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Will Return to Public Access in April

Chris Gethard announced today that his self-titled TV show, which was recently made into a pilot for Comedy Central, will return to public access with regular weekly episodes on April 2nd. Gethard and company are due to turn in the final cut of The Chris Gethard Show pilot to Comedy Central sometime in March and will continue to do live public access shows on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (and streaming online) while they await news on whether Comedy Central is picking up the show or not.

“We don’t want to sit and rest on our laurels - we want to be back in the swing of things,” writes Gethard. “We’ll all hang out and keep the show going, keep building, having fun and growing, as we wait to see what our fate with Comedy Central is.” Gethard has said that, if the pilot doesn’t get picked up, he’ll do a few farewell public access shows and then end it, but he will return to each year to continue to host the show’s pre-Thanksgiving “Sandwich Night” episode for the rest of his life.

‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Will Return to Public Access […]