The Kids in the Hall Are Doing a Live Reading of ‘Brain Candy’

Sketch group The Kids in the Hall is reuniting for a live staged reading of the script for their 1996 cult movie Brain Candy. On Tuesday, March 11th, the group will take the stage at Toronto Sketchfest (tickets here), complete with accompaniment with Brain Candy’s original composer Craig Northey from the band The Odds, and Chris Murphy and Gregory MacDonald of Sloan. All five members of Kids in the Hall will be present, and they will also be screening the movie’s original ending.

Although it’s gone on to be a cult hit, Brain Candy was a box office bomb and failed to impress critics when it was released in 1996, with the movie’s lack of success and group in-fighting during production causing The Kids in the Hall to break up after over a decade together. Now that everyone’s friends again and they’ve put all those troubles behind them, it should be pretty fun to see them get together to relive the project that tore them apart.

The Kids in the Hall Are Doing a Live Reading of […]