Watch This Supercut of McConaughey Being a Downer on True Detective

Matthew McConaughey’s personal motto might be “just keep livin’,” but Rust Cohle’s is probably closer to “why even bother livin’?” As any watcher of True Detective knows, McConaughey plays Rust as a kind of law-enforcing Debbie Downer. From the very beginning of the series, Rust has cockily spouted some of the bleakest, most nihilistic philosophy ever uttered on television. In context, his observations are often chilling. But as we’ve demonstrated in the supercut below, they’re kind of hilariously over-the-top when you take them as a whole. Watch and take notes — you’ll have some smart-sounding phrases to toss around in an introductory philosophy class!

True Detective Supercut: McConaughey’s a Downer