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That Time That Reggie Ledoux Hung Out With Richard Simmons

Uproxx interviewed actor Charles Halford about playing Reggie Ledoux on True Detective and, in addition to confirmation that his appearance as gas mask man involved him wearing a jock strap, not briefs, Halford related a story about meeting Richard Simmons on his way to New Orleans for the shoot.

On my flight down there Richard Simmons was — I’m not making this sh*t up, dude — Richard Simmons was on that flight, heckling me the whole time down there. He finds out I’m doing this show on HBO and he asks me to go out to dinner with him and his manager. We go to this, I don’t know some crazy place, it was surreal. It’s like I’d never been to New Orleans and then I’m out with Richard Simmons. The next day I’m in the chair getting my hair bleached. It was so ridiculous.

Reggie Ledoux Hung Out With Richard Simmons