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Is This Blue Ivy Carter Saying ‘Surfbort’?

At the very least, here’s a rehearsal for Beyoncé’s Grammys performance. At the most, it could be that and something much more wonderful. The facts: There’s a mostly empty auditorium, Beyoncé going through “Drunk in Love,” and choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. acting as a stand-in for Jay Z. Then, near the song’s end, an adorable voice, possibly belonging to Blue Ivy Carter, pipes in to say hello. But is this Blue? Where is her voice even coming from? Is she hanging out near a soundboard (“soundbort”), waiting to give her tiny baby performance review? If this is indeed nothing more than a very strange fake dubbing job, what could Beyoncé possibly be reacting to that joyfully other than her beloved offspring (“Hi, Blue Blue”). So we are skeptical, but we want to believe that this is indeed the first known occurrence of Baby Blue saying “surfbort.” Add it to the baby book.

Bottom line: Skip to 4:40 to hear what might just be the most wonderful thing in the world.

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Oh god oh god oh god oh god.

Is This Blue Ivy Carter Saying ‘Surfbort’?