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Bob’s Burgers Wrote a Fart Song that Is a Work of Art

At this point, everyone knows that the Bob’s Burgers team knows its way around a catchy tune. Last night’s episode had a song that might’ve bested them all: “Farts Are Liberty.” For some context, Bob and Linda were in principal Frond’s office to talk about their kids’ stories about why they love their high school. Each child had his own fantastical tale. Gene’s was entitled “Fart School for the Gifted” and centered on Frond confiscating all the kids’ instruments. Gene and his school chums sing “Farts Are Liberty” as a rallying anthem, with lyrics like: “When you feel like school has sucked the wind out of your sails, remember that it’s cool to use the wind that’s in your tails!” It kind of sounds like Hair, if Hair was about farts.

Bob’s Burgers Wrote the Best Song About Farts