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Watch Chris Meloni Pitch Oz and Law & Order: SVU Plots on Surviving Jack

Surviving Jack, Fox’s latest comedy, based on the book I Suck at Girls by Shit My Dad Says author Justin Halpern, stars Christopher Meloni as a no-nonsense father who takes on a more active role in parenting when his wife decides to attend law school. Much of the humor on the sitcom derives from Jack’s piss-poor dad skills. But in this exclusive Fox spoof-promo, Meloni maniacally urges Halpern and the show’s other scribes to up the hilarity by having Jack become incarcerated at a brutal maximum-security prison and investigate sex-related crimes, à la the characters Meloni played on Oz and Law & Order: SVU, respectively. Surviving Jack’s second episode airs this Thursday at 9:30pm.

See Chris Meloni Pitch Oz Ideas for His Fox Show