Don’t Forget: Divergent’s Theo James Is Mr. Pamuk From Downton Abbey

Some of you are side-eyeing your computer right now like, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve had Theo James on my Secret wall since 2010.” But look, not every Divergent fan is also an obsessive Downton Abbey fan, and not every PBS fan close-reads profiles of dystopian action stars — which means that many of you may have forgotten that new YA heartthrob Theo James once graced the halls of Downton. That’s right: Theo James, better known to $56 million worth of Americans as Four, is also Mr. Pamuk, the Turkish diplomat who dropped dead in Lady Mary’s bed. You remember this guy:

Or if you don’t remember him, then you are now acquainted with Theo James’s real (or real-ish) accent. Presumably you were already familiar with his impeccable bone structure.

Don’t Forget: Theo James Is Pamuk From Downton