Funny Or Die’s Humor Magazine ‘The Occasional’ Is Now a Free Website Instead of an App that Charges Money

Funny Or Die launched its digital humor magazine, The Occasionalin the spring of 2012, but they made some major changes to it today. The Occasional is now a free, regularly-updated website instead of being a sporadic iOS magazine that charges a fee. Here’s an excerpt from today’s announcement about the future of The Occasional:

Our goal is to try to raise bar for internet comedy with high-brow humor. This site will be a curated, lean-back experience that’s not afraid to experiment. Not every written piece of comedy on the internet needs to be in list form. Not everything needs to be a quiz. No pandering. No cheap laughs.

The site has yet to add any new content beyond that letter, but it’s filled to the brim with stuff from two years of back issues of The Occasional, including articles, videos, and other content from some of the biggest names in comedy.

Funny Or Die’s Humor Magazine ‘The Occasional’ Is Now […]