Hear Kristen Bell Read a Clip From the New Veronica Mars Novel

If the end credits of the Veronica Mars movie already had you shaking and sweating with acute VM withdrawal, take heart. Creator Rob Thomas and co-author Jennifer Graham released The Thousand Dollar Tan Line today, one of two planned Veronica Mars novels that take place after the film. Even better, Tan Line’s audiobook is read by Kristen Bell herself, whose mellifluous yet extremely sardonic delivery will really cure what ails you, if what ails you is a disease brought on by a Veronica Mars deficiency. You can listen to a four-minute sneak preview below. As for the book’s plot, friends don’t let friends attend mysterious spring break mansion parties in Neptune. A warning should be printed in big block letters on every “Welcome To Neptune” street sign.

Hear Kristen Bell Read the Veronica Mars Novel