Here’s a Look at Justin Simien’s College Satire ‘Dear White People’

Here’s the concept trailer for Dear White People, a satirical film by newcomer Justin Simien that’s been making waves since winning the Special Jury Prize for Breakthrough Talent at Sundance. This trailer was made prior to Simien’s successful Indiegogo run back in 2012 to turn it into a full movie, and Variety reports that Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions have acquired rights to do a bigger US release in the near future. “Films with predominantly white casts can come in any form, tell any story, big or small,” Simien explained to Variety back in December when his film still didn’t have a studio attached. “For black films, you have the light fluffy rom-coms or Madea movies and then you have the black torture awards movie.” Hopefully Simien can help change that once Dear White People gets a wider audience, because the concept trailer alone looks pretty great.

Here’s a Look at Justin Simien’s College Satire ‘Dear […]