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Jesse Plemons on Star Wars: Episode VII Lead Short List

Who would you pick? Photo: Getty and Walter McBride

They have the dark side (Adam Driver), but who will represent the light? Variety reports Jesse Plemons, Downton Abbey’s Ed Speleers, Attack the Block star John Boyega, and theater actors Matthew James Thomas and Ray Fisher are the men in the running to lead Star Wars: Episode VII. According to Variety, part of the reason it’s taking so long is that executives are debating whether they want a non-white lead, after Abrams has said he wanted a diverse cast. The role would be of a young Jedi apprentice, not Han and Leia’s kid, who is a supporting character in the new script. Regardless the intention is to cast a relative unknown. The search is ongoing, however, so, who knows, it can be Andrew Garfield by this time next week.

Jesse Plemons on Star Wars VII Lead Short List