Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Is Still Killing It in the Ratings

According to Variety, while Fallon was expected to do well as new host of The Tonight Show, just how well he’s been doing has risen far above previous expectations. Last week’s late night Nielsen ratings have come in, and The Tonight Show raked in an average of 4.26 million viewers, easily beating out Kimmel (2.83 million) and Letterman (2.78 million) and up ahead of Leno’s ratings from a year ago by 27% in total viewers. Kimmel’s final Austin show fared pretty well with a 3.46 viewers average, making it his third most watched episode ever behind the 2013 Matt Damon takeover and last month’s Scandal return episode. As for Seth Meyers and the Late Night crew, the show’s third week beat out Ferguson with 1.94 million viewers and was up 35% from Fallon’s ratings a year ago, though it dropped slightly from its previous week’s average of 2.07 million. Either way, it looks like NBC’s new late night shows are off to a surprisingly excellent start.

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Is Still Killing It in […]