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Yes, Jimmy Kimmel Will Keep Making Those Fake Prank Videos

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - Emmy Award-nominated
Photo: Randy Holmes/ABC

Hate those Jimmy Kimmel prank videos? Well, too bad, because he loves them. And he’s going to keep making them as long as you keep falling for them. “I’m not trying to embarrass anybody, or improve the process, or make commentary on the news media, or journalism … I just do get a kick out of fooling people,” he told Re/code in an interview about the videos. And while, yes, he’s seeing what Jimmy Fallon is doing on The Tonight Show (sillier, celeb-based videos), he’s sticking by his way because it works — especially considering the way the internet is today (we’re all on speed!!!): “As long as people want to be the first one to post something, to get people to click through, it will be easy.” Ah! Look what we’ve created. The only caveat? Although it seems that Kimmel does truly get the internet’s hoax economy, he also gets how the internet’s actual economy works, too: ” … The amount of money we make from selling commercials on television, is 100 times as much from what we make from people watching our YouTube videos.” Okay, so leave us alone, please.

Jimmy Kimmel Will Keep Making Fake Prank Videos