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John Cameron Mitchell Was Surprised by His Girls Death

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 13: Director/actor John Cameron Mitchell attends the
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/2014 Getty Images

John Cameron Mitchell, who played Hannah’s e-book editor on Girls, was blindsided by his character’s death. He only learned his fate during the episode’s read-through. “I didn’t know, and suddenly they got to that part in the episode, and I was shocked,” Mitchell told Vulture at a recent New York screening of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac hosted by Interview and Absolut Elyx. “Afterwards Lena [Dunham] was like I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you. I really felt like a Voodoo doll. I felt a pin in my heart, like ‘Oh, shit.’ It was a weird feeling.”

But the circumstances around David Pressler-Going’s death remain murky. So what actually happened to him? “I thought he might have had a bad Grindr date,” Mitchell told Vulture. “I think it was over by the piers and he was re-creating some late-’70s piers sex. I think he might have passed out during an orgasm and fell into the Hudson, and drowned and then the other guy ran away.”

Mitchell’s play Hedwig and the Angry Inch is slated to debut on Broadway April 22, staring Neil Patrick Harris, although the creator declined to discuss any details. “I’m sort of letting it be, because I’m not directing. But I’m very excited,” Mitchell said. Previews begin at the Belasco on March 29.

Cameron Mitchell Was Surprised by Girls Death