Life in Pictures: Jemima Kirke
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Life in Pictures: Jemima Kirke

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

7:55 a.m.: I don’t shoot Girls that often. Even when we’re filming, I only shoot a couple of times a week. This morning, like most mornings, my daughter, Rafaella, woke me up. I would never set an alarm—that would be too wishful.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

8:08 a.m.: Today the plan was to paint in our basement apartment. It was supposed to be a rental, but I begged my husband [Michael Mosberg] to give me a year using it as a studio.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

8:49 a.m.: I’m no chef, but if we need lunch or dinner I can whip something up. My son, Memphis, eats eggs with smoked salmon. He’s 1. He eats everything. He’s massive.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

9:03 a.m.: Mike and I got married to the song “Sea of Love.” The mermaid tattoo was a little tribute to that. He has lots that are tributes to me. When he gets any girls tattooed on him, he’s always like, “Can you make their butt bigger, and can you make the hair long?”

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

9:27 a.m.: We trade off kids all the time, so here I had Rafa. Her room is really pink. It’s definitely got confidence, that pink. She doesn’t care. She’s 3.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

9:41 a.m.: Mike came in after my shower. Anytime he catches me naked he gives me a hug, but really he just wants to grab my butt.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

9:50 a.m.: Mike leaves earlier than I do. He does all kinds of stuff. He’s one of those. Right now he’s trying to open a rehab center in Red Hook. That’s his daily grind.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

10:08 a.m.: There was no school that day, so I took Rafa to the library.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

10:39 a.m.: I don’t have, like, a mommy group, God forbid, where we talk about our kids. That’s a little bit of my nightmare.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

12:43 p.m.: But I do have friends in the neighborhood who have kids who are just good women. We talk about other things.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

2:13 p.m.: Here I was doing an interview with a woman from an art magazine in Amsterdam. The tattoo on my foot is my dog Rozy’s name. I got it because he wasn’t getting enough attention lately.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

4:38 p.m.: I mainly paint women, people I know. They’re flattered, usually, until they see it. I thought my trainer, Cadence, had such an incredible body, and so I asked her if I could paint her instead of working out.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

5:51 p.m.: Sometimes Rafa takes her bath before dinner. The only way she doesn’t fight me is if I get in with her. I didn’t feel like fighting her today.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

7:22 p.m.: We do Shabbat sometimes. Mike went to Yeshiva law school. He’s super-Jew and super-corporate. That’s why I was so attracted to him when I met him: the contradiction.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

10:32 p.m.: Brian is Mike’s best friend. He’s there most nights after the kids go to bed.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

He’s the best for stick-and-pokes, because he doesn’t give a shit what I give him. He has “eat me” on his calf from me.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

11:27 p.m.: Usually we have people over till about midnight, and then Mike and I hang out. We watch a movie or TV every night. He falls asleep, but I’m compulsive about it. I can’t not finish something.

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Photo: Kristina Loggia

12:38 a.m.: Walking Rozy is such a bitch in the cold. He doesn’t even want to go. We just do it so he won’t shit in the house.


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