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Watch the Inspiring Matthew McConaughey–Bette Midler ‘Hero’ Duet

When accepting his Best Actor Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey delivered a heartfelt speech in which he took us through his lifetime formula for naming his own hero: Hero = MM + 10. To translate for the non-mathematically inclined, his hero is always himself, but in ten years — an unreachable goal that gives him “somebody to keep on chasing.” (Also, 1997’s Amistad-era McConaughey might be disappointed to find out that 2007 McConaughey had just signed on for Fool’s Gold.) It was a speech that, like most of his, could be translated into an inspirational video for others, but, by adding fellow Oscar-stage dominator Bette Midler’s most famous hero song, “Wind Beneath My Wings,” it can become a video that McConaughey himself can play to get himself motivated every morning.

Feel free to copy the following shots to always inspire you to just keep livin’!

Watch the McConaughey-Midler ‘Hero’ Duet