Paul Feig on Producing the ‘Peanuts’ Movie: ‘It’s My ‘Star Wars’’

“This one is really exciting for me. I like to say it’s my Star Wars. To get the opportunity to help guide that along is really a thrill … Charles Schulz’s son and grandson and writing partner are writing the script so we’re being very slavish to the original material. I’m of the mind that we don’t need to modernize these characters. I liked what these characters represented and the tone of what they had … We are finding ways to bring in modern technology too, but in a way that doesn’t break the purity of it.”

- Paul Feig on producing the upcoming animated Peanuts movie in an interview with Studio System News that covers his directing deal with Fox, the possibility of The Heat spin-off movie, and his thoughts on test screenings and studio notes.

Paul Feig on Producing the ‘Peanuts’ Movie: ‘It’s My […]