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Rihanna Got Drake Into Breaking Bad, Says Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul==The Cinema Society & Bushmill's host a screening of DreamWorks Pictures'
Aaron Paul. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Patrick McMullan

Aaron Paul gave Vulture this tidbit of information last night, when we asked him to explain that Instagram pic of him and Drake just hangin’ out. “I was in Paris and we were staying at the same hotel and I was looking for my car and it wasn’t there,” he told us at a screening of his new movie Need for Speed hosted by the Cinema Society. “And then Drake came walking around the corner and we see each other and he just opens his arms and is like ‘No way!’ Then he gives me this huge hug and he starts telling me how Rihanna got him into Breaking Bad.” We repeat: Rihanna taught Drake about Breaking Bad.

Drake then invited Aaron to check out his own show that night, but Aaron couldn’t go because he had “press stuff and other obligations.” Also, in case you’re still wondering, the two did not discuss Paul’s #StarbucksDrakeHands. “I put that up and then I was like, Maybe I don’t want to have it up and I deleted it,” Paul said. “But someone already grabbed it and shared it with the world.” Does that mean he regrets it? “[Thinks.] No. I never regret anything I do.”

Rihanna Got Drake Into Breaking Bad