Who Has Murdered Whom on Scandal?

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC

Last night’s Scandal was a dark and sad one — though they’re all pretty dark and sad at this point. Partially because almost everyone on this show is a murderer. We’ll prove it! [This post contains information from last night’s episode; read on at your own peril.]

Papa Pope: Last night he gave a whole spiel about having killed 183 people in B613 — but that number is only the ones he’s “responsible” for. So his actual death toll is even higher.

Mama Pope: Many people.

Fitz: He killed Supreme Court Justice Verna Thorne by smothering her with a pillow. She was dying anyway, but in a certain sense, aren’t we all dying anyway?

Verna Thorne: She ordered Becky the assassin to kill Fitz, and while Becky did not kill the president, she did kill press secretary Britta Kagen.

Hollis Doyle: Hollis ordered the bombing that killed Quinn’s old boyfriend Jesse Tyler and six other Cytron employees, which is the crime Quinn was framed for. And Hollis seems like the kind of guy who could have had a hand in other deaths that we just don’t know about yet.

Sally Langston: She stabbed her husband, Daniel Douglas, to death with a letter opener.

Mellie Grant: Mellie has not killed anyone, but she is helping cover up Daniel Douglas’s murder.

Charlie: He’s definitely killed a lot of people as part of his work with B613, plus Amanda Tanner in season one. He taught Huck how to be an assassin, and he’s the one who made Quinn kill a security guard, so those fall under his murder-umbrella, too.

Cyrus: Cy asked Charlie to kill Amanda Tanner, and at one point asked him to kill James, before calling it off. He also pimped out his own husband in the hopes of rocking the boat with the Langstons — which led to Sally stabbing Daniel Douglas to death. (To be clear, no one is ever responsible for a domestic abuser’s violence except the abuser themselves! But Cyrus did everything he could to provoke and destroy Sally.)

Billy Chambers: The slimy Billy is sort responsible for Amanda Tanner’s downfall (having had an affair with her and coaxing her into taking down Fitz). He stabbed reporter Gideon Wallace in the neck with scissors, killed the CIA director Grayden Osborne (and made it look like a suicide), and took out Molly Ackerman, a minor character who was bad news for him.

Jake Ballard: Well, as of last night, he killed James and two other innocent reporters. Presumably he’s also killed other people as part of his work in B613 and in the military, and in season two we saw him kill a woman who was trying to kidnap Olivia.

James Novak: James did not kill anyone. No wonder he was too precious for this world.

Quinn: Quinn killed a security guard in “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” by injecting him with some kind of poison. She thought she was only knocking him out, but … that doesn’t really help the dead guy.

Samuel Reston: Fitz’s Democratic rival killed his wife’s lover. Reston claimed that the man was raping his wife, and thus the murder was an act of defense; he was lying, and Olivia helped him get away with it.

Olivia Pope: Olivia hasn’t killed anyone, but her role in the Defiance voter fraud led to the deaths of Britta, Verna, Jesse Tyler, and the six other Cytron employees. She’s also helping David cover up James’s murder, she knows that Reston is a murderer, and she’s just broadly not very interested in stopping murders.

Huck: Huck has killed a lot of people. And he’s tortured a bunch, too.

Harrison: It appears Harrison has not killed anyone! Sleep with one eye open, Adnan Salif.

Abby: Also in the clear!

David Rosen: He has also not killed anyone … yet.

Who Has Murdered Whom on Scandal?