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If You’re a Veronica Mars Backer, You Might Be Getting a Refund

Photo: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.

Hopefully everyone who pledged money to the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign is now basking in the film’s afterglow (or weeping, whichever feels right for you), but some backers might still be irritated after experiencing difficulty streaming the movie via Flixster or Ultraviolet after its Friday release. After feeling the ire of numerous Marshmallows, Warner Bros. has allegedly decided to give backers $10 or a full refund if they opted to purchase the film or see it in theaters rather than wait for the campaign’s streaming problems to get resolved. Hopefully the next Veronica Mars movie campaign will become more streamlined as a result, and allow Veronica to finally resolve things with you-know-who after that stuff that happened with the guy.

Veronica Mars Backers May Get Refund