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The Maze Runner Trailer: Mo’ Mazes, Mo’ Problems

What if you were special? The Maze Runner is based on a best-selling young-adult novel, so that is fundamentally what’s going on here. The special young adult du jour is Thomas (Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien), a boy who wakes up with no memory of his past in the Glade, a mysterious wasteland of sorts. There he is introduced to a community of 50 other teenage boys without memories. (A girl shows up at some point!) Also, there is a maze filled with spiky giant slugs from which certain boys run – eventually including Thomas – trying to find insight into their terrible situation. The Maze Runner is the first of a trilogy of books (not including the prequel) by James Dashner, so we can assume that when Thomas solves the maze on September 19, he’s not going to love what’s on the other side. But he’ll figure it out; he’s special.

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