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Watch Oprah Tell Lindsay Lohan to ‘Cut the Bullshit’

“I signed up for something to just [have] a camera just be there, not a reality show,” said Lindsay Lohan, to the cameras, during the third episode of her OWN reality show. “No offense to the Kardashians. They do a great job with theirs, but I don’t ever want to be that.” No offense, Lindsay Lohan, but you are currently starring on your own reality show.

via Brice Sander

But at least this week we got a taste of what we wanted all along: an Oprah-Lindsay one-on-one. Reality show or not, Oprah’s life advice never disappoints: “When you change a schedule, you know what happens. You’re a professional woman. And it’s not just for you; you have a whole team of people who are relying on you right now for this particular experience, for creating this documentary. If you don’t want that, then change that.”

To sum it all up? “You need to cut the bullshit.” Someone get that Oprah quote embroidered on a commemorative blanket, immediately.

Watch Oprah Tell Lindsay Lohan to ‘Cut the BS’