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Oh God, There Are So Many Covers of the Game of Thrones Theme Song

With Game of Thrones back this weekend, you’ll soon be hearing the show’s grandiose theme song sung, hummed, played on a flute, remixed as a dubstep track … and that’s just on YouTube. There are a ton of good covers out there, so we’ve collected the best. This, of course, depends on your definition of the word best, but in Valyrian it means “the one with the two twins playing harps.” We collected a bunch that are like that. So enjoy!

Why learn an instrument when your mouth is a perfectly good one?

Now, if you’ve mastered the whistle, try whistling into a flute. Good.

Find some bagpipes (and a castle?) and blow harder.

Grab all your friends, teach them how to blow into instruments, and voilà: You’ve now created a marching band.

Or if instruments are too much bother, try teaching the melody to your dog.

… Or to your computer.

Or to the loners that hang out at the skatepark and have a ska band.

But when the band breaks up, you might have to go solo.

Was that too soft for you?

This was all a ruse. The only true Game of Thrones theme song cover was already done by two harp-playing twins in medieval garb.

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