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Happy 10th Anniversary: Take Our Mean Girls Super Quiz

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photos by Paramount Pictures

A few months after Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at Harvard, Mean Girls premiered in theaters as one of the last movies of its kind: a pre-modern-day internet cultural touchstone. But even ten years later, we remain as obsessed with it as ever before — its social commentary feels just as relevant, and Lindsay Lohan’s spectacular performance seems even more tragic in retrospect. (Such potential!) But just how obsessed with it are you? Are you one of the greatest fans you’ll ever meet? Or are you like a grotsky byotch? Time to find out. Get in, loser.

How Well Do You Know Mean Girls?

Let’s start with an easy A: How do you spell Lindsay Lohan’s character’s name?
What’s the name of the school the characters attend?
What is the big highlight from Ms. Norbury’s summer?
What ethnicity is Janis Ian?
How old was Lindsay Lohan when the movie came out?
Gretchen Wieners is rich because her dad invented what?
What’s the name of the girl from the opposing team who goes into a sudden death match during the Mathletes competition?
What does Karen dress up as for Halloween?
What song does Damian sing at the talent show?
What object hits Damian as he’s singing?
What scent is the foot cream Cady gives Regina for her blemishes?
Which of these North Shore cliques does Janis Ian NOT point out?
What portmanteau does Cady accidentally create when Aaron asks her to come to the Halloween party?
Which of these rappers does Kevin G compare himself to in his rap?
Whom does Cady try to sit with at lunch on her first day?
What song is Regina’s little sister dancing to when Cady first goes to her house?
The Plastics wear pink on which day?
Which of these is NOT a rule of the Plastics?
Why did the Herons move to Illinois?
What ailment did Mr. Duvall acquire over the summer?
Which Plastics rule does Regina break, banishing her from eating lunch with the other girls?
Who is NOT nominated for Spring Fling queen?
What does Kevin Gnapoor call himself on his business card?
Much to his chagrin, what is Principal Duvall’s nephew’s name?
Ms. Norbury mistakenly thinks her black student is from Africa, but where is she actually from?
According to the student gossip mill, which male celebrity once told Regina she was pretty on a plane?
What movie are Damian and Janis watching on Halloween?
What fashion trend does Janis accidentally start?
What does Cady mistakenly think is the name of a band?
Just how many foiled attempts are shown of Cady trying to get Aaron to walk in on Regina making out with Shane?
What is Regina George’s favorite movie?
What does Regina claim to be doing when she’s hooking up with Shane?
What historical figure does Gretchen compare Regina to in a class presentation?
What does Karen apologize to Gretchen for?
Which of these is NOT a talent that Karen claims to have?
Which relative did Karen make out with?
Where does the store clerk suggest Regina go when her dress doesn’t fit?
What is the mascot for the North Shore High School?
Which of the following things do teachers NOT reprimand students for?
According to the burn book, who made out with a hot dog?
Which school do the Mathletes compete against?
What does Kevin Gnapoor call Cady?
Which of Cady’s classes does Ms. Norbury teach?
Who wins king at the Spring Fling?
What word did Karen once ask Damian how to spell?
Which pair does NOT kiss at the end of the movie?
Who was Lindsay Lohan initially cast as?
According to IMDb and director Mark Waters, what other roles did Amanda Seyfried originally try for?
How many actors in Mean Girls have been featured players on Saturday Night Live?
What was the original title of the movie?

10 Years Later: Take Our Mean Girls Super Quiz