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This Week’s Best Game of Thrones Reader Comments: ‘Two Swords’

Emilia Clarke.
Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO

As Vulture recapper Nina Shen Rastogi wrote in her recap of the season four premiere of Game of Thrones, “the opening scene of ‘Two Swords’ made it clear that the [Red Wedding] has reset the stage … Old elements are being recast in the wake of the slaughter, and they’re dangerous ones, ready to strike.” You took to the comments and reveled in the Hound’s lines, debated Cersei’s petulance, and complained about a particular casting switch.

Most of you griped about the new Daario …

“New Daario Naharis is so bland, I’m not sure I could pick him out of a lineup of bearded beefcake. And he has zero chemistry with Daenerys. Old Daario was weird, but distinctive and charismatic.” —Commenter GlorianaFrangipana

“I cannot believe they made Liam from Nashville, Daario. At least he had that look of someone Dany would like or be attracted to. Seriously this one looks like a dirty nerd.” —Commenter Bookles

“The actor that played Dario first was really sexy..his overbite, his body, his charisma the whole bit … he was Dario. I was so disappointed to see this guy again. Whoever is representing him is earning their pay, he keeps getting parts where he is suppose to be some sort of dream boat but he just isn’t.” —Commenter jeaniemarie

“I guess I’m in the minority, but I like new Daario. Old Daario lacked something, whether it was chemistry/interaction/aesthetic/general presence related, which I’m guessing led to the recast? Honestly, I thought last season dude was like the human manifestation of a creepy porcelain QVC doll. Brush & Braid My Pretty Hair Doll, hurry up and call — he’s flying off the shelf! I do understand that people aren’t that impressed with new guy yet, and his clothes do seem to represent the North, but if looked at closely, he is proper hot. Lashes for days. And I like that he wasn’t all up in Mhysa’s face; I think she needs to warm up to him and his subtle gambler game might do the trick. If we all give him time, I’m fairly certain he’ll eventually smolder with the best of them.” —Commenter GingerKyD

… leading some of you to suspect that this was part of a larger plot against hot dudes.

“And once again, with the scary casting of the Magnar of Thenn and bland Daario, GoT robs us of some male eye candy.” —Commenter QuinnFabray

“Would it have killed them to have shown a little equal-opportunity nudity in the brothel scene at the beginning? They got so close! Do they think male viewers can’t handle it? I see no other reason. All we got was that lovely blond man’s clavicle. Feh.” —Commenter adara

You debated whether Cersei has a right to be angry with Jamie …

“Cersei is like sub-human, and it reminds me of when Tywin knocked her down last season for being nowhere near as clever as she thinks she is. Rob had already called his banners and declared war. Jamie was captured near the Riverlands defending King’s Landing. If he had stayed back for Cersei, the rumors of the incest would have increased and he probably would have gained an even more unflattering nickname than Kingslayer. Jamie is a lot of things but he’s not a coward. I know Cersei thinks Joffrey might be so evil because of incest, but he’s way too much of a bi*tch, that’s aaaallll Cersei spinning around in him, making him so deranged.” —Commenter Bookles

“Cersei had to deal with everything in S2 and S3 without Jamie so she feels a little less dependent on him yet angry she had to deal with it herself.  She’s also a little repulsed by the lack of a hand and his new-found desire for being being a decent person. Throw in the fact she’s kind of a bitter, paranoid drunk and you have S4 Cersei.” —Commenter Tecumseh

… and then speculated upon the “strange symptoms” Cersei was seeing Maester Qyburn for.

“My guess is menopause.” —Commenter DetroitGirl

“I took it that maybe he’d given her an abortificant.” —Commenter TheCold

“Moon tea!” —Commenter MaricelaG

“Definitely thought Cersei’s ‘symptoms’ were referencing a pregnancy scare, but maybe I’ve just watched one too many soap operas.” —Commenter somenights

“Either that or VD.” —Commenter ochospantalones

You reveled in the Hound’s lines … especially when they were references to other HBO shows …

“HBO: Home of the phrase ‘your c*nt mouth’ since 2004!” —Commenter ripandrun

“The Hound also borrowed from The Wire with Omar’s ‘A man got to have a code.’ It’s all in the game (of thrones).” —Commenter bobscofield

“You come at the Hound, you best not miss.” —Commenter cheesyblasters

“I hope they keep making explicit Omar references. Next week, the Hound robs a Lannister wagon train and tells the driver ‘The cheese stands alone.’” —Commenter ochospantalones

“Stops into another tavern: ‘Ya’ll aint got the Honey Nut? Oh well, pack o’ New’potes.’” —Commenter Hendoism

Best Game of Thrones S4 Premiere Reader Comments