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See John Malkovich in the NBC Pirate Show Crossbones

Here’s a first look at NBC’s new pirate drama Crossbones, which stars a goateed, deep V-rocking John Malkovich as the dread pirate Blackbeard (predictable tagline: “genius, madman, legend”). The show, set in the golden age of piracy, focuses on Blackbeard’s relationship with physician-assassin Tom Lowe (Richard Coyle) whom he enlists to help find an elusive treasure. As you might expect, there’s plenty of swashbuckling, flouncy period garb, and cryptic Malkovichian lines like “I suspect that God is a clockmaker” and “I’m not the devil … I’ve cast out the devil,” because of course. The show premieres May 30.

John Malkovich Is a Pirate King in Crossbones