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FXX to Launch Simpsons Syndication With 12-Day Marathon

THE SIMPSONS: The Simpsons travel to Brazil after Homer is recruited as a World Cup referee in the
The Simpsons, cable stars. Photo: FOX

Have you ever spent, like, a lot of money on a pair of shoes and you wore them every day for two weeks to show them off? Well, FXX spent a lot of money on a pair of shoes last fall — $750 million for the rights to be the first cable network to syndicate The Simpsons — and they are going to show them off! To launch The Simpsons on the network, FXX will be holding a 12-day marathon of the show’s over 500 episodes. FX chief Jon Landgraf called it “the longest continuous marathon in the history of television.” He added, “We don’t care that other people had them first, we spent a lot of money and we’re going to rock them.”

FXX to Launch Simpsons With 12-Day Marathon