Game of Thrones Discussion: What Just Happened?

Well, that was awesome. And crazy. And hilarious. And terrible. But also not entirely surprising. Right? Or maybe it was? Let’s discuss! [Note: Here is the requisite spoiler alert — seriously, do not click through or read on if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, “The Lion and the Rose,” and have any interest in not having it blown for you!] Here are a few topics to ponder:

Cersei seems to think it’s her belittled bro Tyrion, since he had motive and opportunity, being made to be cupbearer in humiliating fashion. But something tells me it’s more complicated than that, and that this is a case better suited for Rust Cohle and Marty Hart.

Shouldn’t the death have been far worse?
After all the guy’s done and said, doesn’t it seem like he got off easy? Beheading would have been too quick, but more appropriate. What about a flaying? Or hot liquid gold poured over his head? But yeah, a purple-faced poisoning doesn’t seem like a ball of laughs, either.

Why would anyone eat that bloody pigeon pie?
It looked unappetizing when the birds flew out of it. But then they showed what was on Joffrey’s sword. That wasn’t fruit!


Game of Thrones Discussion: What Just Happened?