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A Video Tribute to Game of Thrones’s Joffrey, King of Snots

What more is there to say?

It’s a damn shame, really. Never again will we hear that snotty little voice we’ve all learned to hate. Just kidding, our ears will now be relieved of their  suffering. Throughout his 32-episode run, actor Jack Gleeson has given King Joffrey a lot of hateable traits, but none more grating than his unique whine. In scene after scene, whenever that fair-haired product of incest got upset, vindictive, scared, or just plain tired, his voice would lilt into a sneering, snotty, squeal. It was truly something to behold, and we’ve compiled a supercut of all the times Gleeson used it, just so you can get one last hate-watch in before you say goodbye to Joffrey forever.

A Video Tribute to Joffrey, King of Snots