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Listen to Hannibal Buress School a Guy About ‘Rapper’s Delight’ Lyrics on ‘Ask Me Another’

You’ll learn many things on most episodes of the weekly trivia radio program “Ask Me Another,” but the big takeaway from this weekend’s installment is that you shouldn’t boast about your “Rapper’s Delight” karaoke skills if Hannibal Buress is standing next to you.

In this exclusive clip from the NPR/WNYC show’s latest episode, available today via podcast download and airing over the weekend on NPR stations, the comedian and Broad City scene-stealer takes part in a $100,000 Pyramid–style quiz in which he must describe well-known rap songs to an audience member without quoting lyrics or name-checking the artists. It’s like the charades of rap!

When the audience member, an affable schoolteacher named Brent, says his go-to karaoke tune is “Rapper’s Delight” and busts out the opening lines, Buress jokes that the start of the Sugarhill Gang song is easy, but going deep into the track is where people tend to trail off. “Everybody knows the hippity,” he laughs. Too true! But then Brent goes on to dominate at the quiz, so it’s all good.

Hannibal Buress Schools a Guy About Classic Rap