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All the Women Don Draper Doesn’t Sleep With on Mad Men

Neve Campbell as Lee Cabot and Jon Hamm as Don Draper - Mad Men _ Season 7, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMC Photo: AMC

Don Draper sleeps with a lot of women. It’s one of his things. You know, like getting drunk at lunch, or committing identity fraud. But throughout the course of Mad Men’s six-plus-season run, there have also been some moments where flirtation shockingly did not lead to copulation, moments where a lingering glance and a brush of fingertips have not resulted in an adulterous tryst. On Sunday’s episode, Neve Campbell cameoed as one of these rare beasts: a woman whom Don flirts with and ultimately does not have sex with. Here’s a look at all the other times Don didn’t seal the deal.

* This slideshow initially said that Phoebe and Bethany were in season 3. As a commenter pointed out, they were characters in season 4.

All the Women Don Draper Doesn’t Sleep With