Louis C.K. Says He Never Wants to Host a Late Night Show

Louis C.K. sat down for a chat with The New York Times’ Bill Carter at the Directors Guild last night, and he ended up discussing David Letterman’s retirement and the late night world. C.K., who did a series of three episodes about taking over for Letterman two years ago, said that he has no interest in ever hosting a late night show (via Vulture):

“I’d never be that guy … I wouldn’t want it and nobody would want me to do that job … The only reason I would think of doing it would be just to see how badly it would go … My specialty [is going] to a place where people get uncomfortable and then stay there and at some point they’re like ‘if I don’t laugh, I’m going to kill myself, so I’m going to laugh.’ That’s not a good formula for late night TV — on every night, on a major network.”

C.K. added that he’s only saying that because he already has a TV show and his career is going well, explaining, “If you asked me three or four years ago, I would’ve certainly taken it. But now I can say, ‘Oh no, that’s not for me.’” He explained that his commitment to raising his kids is mainly the reason he wouldn’t want a job with such a heavy workload. “I take my kids to school every morning and I pick them up when they get out of school,” C.K. said. “I make their dinner and do their homework with them. That would disappear instantly forever.”

Louis C.K. Says He Never Wants to Host a Late Night […]