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Play Vulture’s 8-Bit-Style Mad Men Video Game

Here at Vulture, we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Mad Men, waxing nostalgic about the video games of our youth, and thinking about alcoholic beverages. These passions inspired our latest concoction: an old-school arcade-style video game that lets you play a thirsty Don Draper. We invite you to join us in celebrating the return of Mad Men this Sunday with this intoxicating game that is harder than it might at first appear.

Here’s how the game works: Use the arrow keys or your touch screen to move Don into position to catch as many old-fashioneds (100 points each) and bonus packs of cigarettes (1,000 points each) as possible. But take care not to get hit by an empty martini glass, as that will sap Don’s joie de vivre and end your game. And an important strategy tip: You don’t need to catch every old-fashioned. Got it? Then let’s get drunk with Don, shall we?

Play Our Mad Men Video Game