‘New Girl’s Max Greenfield to Star in Michael Showalter’s ‘Hello My Name Is Doris’

New Girl star Max Greenfield has signed on to star in Michael Showalter’s upcoming dramedy Hello My Name Is Doris, The Wrap reports. Greenfield recently appeared in Showalter and David Wain’s Sundance film They Came Together.

“It’s a story about Doris, this character, she’s an older woman,” Greenfield told The Wrap. “Her mother passes away and she’s then forced to kind of find a new life in the city, and she meets this younger guy and thinks that he’s the answer. It’s very funny, but it kind of toes the line. It’ll be different than what you’re used to [seeing] with him.” While the role of Doris has yet to be announced, between Hello My Name Is Doris and the Amy Poehler/David Wain-helmed Old Soul NBC pilot, it’s a great time for funny old ladies onscreen.

‘New Girl’s Max Greenfield to Star in Michael […]