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Aubrey Plaza Isn’t Pleased With the Big Parks and Recreation Pregnancy

Actress Aubrey Plaza attends the
Aubrey Plaza. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Baby fever has struck Parks and Recreation, what with Diane and Ron having a baby boy, Ann and Chris birthing baby Oliver, and now Dr. Saperstein delivering the news that Leslie and Ben are blessed with triplets (and one smear of cream cheese). But all the fertility in the air is making Aubrey Plaza, who plays cynical assistant April Ludgate, feel left out. “I think they’re doing it to spite me, getting Leslie pregnant,” joked Plaza at last week’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere for Almost Alex, “because for years I’ve been begging them to let me get April pregnant and now they’re just getting her pregnant right in my face like that.”

It’s true! Even a few months ago, when Vulture last spoke to Plaza, she told us, “I’ve been saying this for two seasons now: If they don’t put a baby inside of me, I’m going to put one in myself, literally, so that they’re forced to write it on to the show!” But sadly, her plan to have April and Andy conceive quintuplets has not come to pass, though Plaza teased some other momentous happenings on this Thursday’s season-ending episode. “The season finale is insane,” she said. “I don’t know how much I can say about it, but it’s very satisfying. There’s so many characters that come back that it feels like a crazy free-for-all of Pawnee characters. It’s really, really fun.”
Will next year, as rumored, be Parks and Rec’s final season? “I don’t know,” Plaza hedged. “I really was shocked that we got picked up, and so early. Every year, we all feel uncertain as to whether we’re going to go back or not; we’ve never felt secure. So I don’t know when the end will be, or when the beginning is — it’s all relative. We’re like the little engine that could. We’re just a little fighter guy. We’re not going anywhere.”

Parks and Rec Pregnancy Bugs Aubrey Plaza