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Natalie Portman’s Jane Got a Gun Continues to Be Doomed

Natalie Portman visits
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Sure, Jane Got a Gun, but she can’t catch a break. The Natalie Portman indie Western has seemingly been doomed since the start. First, there is the film’s inability to keep a male lead. Michael Fassbender had the part, but left and was replaced by Jude Law, who then left and was replaced by Bradley Cooper, who then also left (Ewan McGregor finally got the part). Then there’s the fact that the director Lynne Ramsay quit on the first day of production, by just not showing up, like she was a 16-year-old quitting a summer job at a deli (she was replaced by Warrior director Gavin O’Connor). Now, after all of this, when the movie looked like it was in the clear, with a release date and everything, it has been dealt another blow. Relativity decided to push it from its scheduled August 29 premiere to February 20. You know February, the month when the worst movies come out.

Portman’s Jane Got a Gun Continues to Be Doomed