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Watch Emma Stone’s Perfect Fallon Lip Sync Battle Performance

Jimmy Fallon has been doing consistently wonderful lip-synching battles for a while now and, for our money, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always been the high-water mark. But after last night, we might have to amend our loose ranking. Emma Stone, guys. Emma Stone. We suggest you watch the video below right now, so you can be surprised by her choices, but if you really need to know … she destroys “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled and “Hook” by Blues Traveler. Yes, Blues Traveler second-biggest song, “Hook.” And, no, she doesn’t do one of the easy verses — she does the super-fast one. Emma Stone, guys. Imagine her wearing that guy’s giant harmonica vest! We’re all dead now. R.I.P., us.

See Emma Stone’s Perfect Fallon Lip Sync Battle