Stephen Colbert Fires Back at #CancelColbert, Deletes @ColbertReport

On last night’s show, Colbert finally got the chance to address the #CancelColbert Twitter blowup that happened last week through a new “Who’s Attacking Me Now?” segment, where he pointed out that the show has made countless segments that, when quoted out of context, are extremely offensive, including the animated KKK-themed “Laser Klan” installment he ran during Black History Month that nobody seemed to complain about. Coincidentally, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was last night’s guest and was on hand to flip the kill switch on the show’s official Twitter account, which is either a temporary April Fool’s move or a rightful end to whatever social media team was running it. The dramatic dream sequence cold open with Law & Order’s BD Wong is above; click through to watch the “Who’s Attacking Me Now?” segment and official killing of the Colbert Report Twitter account.

Stephen Colbert Fires Back at #CancelColbert, Deletes […]