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Summer Movie Preview 2014: Which Movies Should You Watch, Stream, or Skip?

If you paid full-price to see each of the films included in Vulture’s mammoth 2014 Summer Movie Preview, you’d be out nearly a grand — and we’re not even including 3-D surcharges! How can you determine which of these many, many movies are worth seeing in theaters, and which are better left for Netflix (or skipped entirely)? Let us help you figure it out, using a variation on that old standby Boff, Marry, or Kill: We’re calling it “Watch, Stream or Skip,” and we’re applying it to a trio of movies in every one of this summer’s micro-genres. Which large-scale destruction movie is right for you? Which lady-targeting comedy is better off streamed? And which action sequel isn’t even worth your ammo? Read on and let us know if you agree with our picks.

Which Summer Movies Should You Watch and Skip?