Watch a Fake Daft Punk Appear During Arcade Fire’s Coachella Set

During their weekend Coachella set (Yes, Coachella is still going on), Arcade Fire announced two “very special guests” before bringing out
what may have appeared to be Daft Punk, but clearly was not. The giveaways? The slowed-down, warped version of “Get Lucky,” the knockoff robot suits, the fact that just a few days earlier, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler made a comment on stage about “the bands still playing instruments at this festival.” “What the fuck is happening?” he yelled as the two mock–Daft Punk’d through their cover, ending after just a few seconds. And in case the beef wasn’t completely solidified, later on in Arcade Fire’s set, they brought out Beck (the real Beck) to perform a cover of Prince’s “Controversy.” Fight! Fight! Fight!

Watch a Fake Daft Punk at Coachella