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Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Top 10 List Tribute to David Letterman

David Letterman announced that he’s retiring so late in the day on Thursday that The Tonight Show had already taped and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t comment on-air. So Fallon saved his Letterman tribute for Friday’s episode. He opened his monologue with a joke about it, and he did his very own Top 10 list. The list of why Letterman is retiring includes “Jay Leno needs a partner for next season’s Amazing Race,” which is a more youthful version (thoughnot by much) of Leno’s own comment about Letterman retiring on Extra: “Oh, well, you know, he and I [are] gonna do The Sunshine Boys on Broadway, so we’re very excited about that.” Maybe DL should stick around a little longer just to help Tonight Show hosts past, present, and future with their jokes about him.

Watch Fallon’s Top 10 List Tribute to Letterman