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Watch the Trailer for the Sequel to The Trip, The Trip to Italy

In Michael Winterbottom’s first Trip movie (and BBC TV series, which the movie was edited from), Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon played fictionalized versions of themselves going on a food tour of north England. Though it was highly enjoyable, it partly felt like the three men behind it did it just to get someone else to pay for fancy meals. It was doing Michael Caine impressions for your supper, if you will. This time around, in The Trip to Italy, Coogan and Brydon got to, well, take a trip to Italy to have fake arguments but eat real foods. The series version of it is currently airing in England, with the theatrical release coming Stateside on August 15. So, if you weren’t feeling bad enough about your lacking Pacino impression, you’ll also get to be jealous of movie characters’ summer vacations.

Watch the Trailer for the Sequel to The Trip