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When Seann William Scott’s Family Hates His Film

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 24: Actor Seann William Scott attends the official after party for Courteney Cox's directorial debut
Seann William Scott. Photo: Dave Kotinsky/2014 Getty Images

Seann William Scott would be the first to tell you his filmography is far from highbrow — which is why, when we found the American Pie star walking the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival (where he stars in Courteney Cox’s Just Before I Go), he confessed that his film festival visits are few and far between. “Look at the movies I’ve been in!” he laughed. “I’ve been shunned from those things.”

Scott said he hadn’t seen the film yet, but he’d brought his mom to the screening, “So I hope it’s good. I’ll hear from her if it’s not.” And while his mother has been polite when criticizing his past movies — “She’s from Minnesota … she’ll be like, ‘Well, it looks like you had a good time,’ if she doesn’t like it” — not everyone in the Scott family has such tact.

“Some family members won’t even talk to me anymore!” he said. “I won’t tell you the movies, because maybe those directors might not work with me anymore, but there was one where we went to the premiere, a big movie, and afterwards my brother was like, ‘Dude, that movie was so fucking bad. Why didn’t you tell me before I took time off of work to come see it?’ I was like, ‘Asshole! How many fucking movies have you done?’”

Have they patched things up since? Not quite. “He still gives me shit for it,” Scott said. “I’m not giving him a Christmas present this year.”

When Seann William Scott’s Family Hates His Film