Why an X-Men Clip Will Play After Spider-Man 2’s Credits

You’ll see me after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Photo: Marvel

On May 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters and at the end, after all the credits, there will be a clip for X-Men: Days of Future Past. While post-credit scenes are old hat with comic book movies (or old mask, if you will), this is noteworthy because Spider-Man is Sony and X-Men is Fox, and, traditionally, disparate comic book movie universes don’t overlap. Why it’s happening has to do with (500) Days of Summer? Seriously. No, Fox didn’t dump Sony and Sony is giving them ad-space to try to win them back. Years ago, Marc Webb signed a contract to make two movies for Fox. The first was Summer. However, instead of making another Fox movie, Sony stepped in with the first Amazing Spider-Man. Variety reports that Fox agreed to let go of Webb if Sony agreed to promote X-Men for free. Though this reasoning might disappoint nerds hoping for a Spidy-X-Men movie crossover, it will delight those who enjoy when businessmen make quirky compromises.

Why an X-Men Clip Will Play After Spider-Man 2