See Woody Allen Confronted With His Crimes in an Exclusive Fading Gigolo Clip

Woody Allen, pimp? That’s the unlikely (yet age-old) profession Allen adopts in the new comedy Fading Gigolo, where Allen plays a cash-strapped bookseller who begins to tout his friend (John Turturro, who also wrote and directed) as a for-pay Lothario. The gigolo gig comes easily for the sensitive Turturro at first — not least because his initial clients are screen sex bombs like Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara — but things become trickier when he attends to a Brooklyn widow (Vanessa Paradis) who’s never truly experienced intimacy with a man. The woman comes alive under Turturro’s tutelage, which so enrages her admirer, an Orthodox Jewish officer played by Liev Schreiber, that the officer yanks Allen off the street to answer for his sexual match-making in front of a Hasidic tribunal. You’ll see how that starts to play out in this exclusive clip from the movie (out April 18), where Allen attempts to flee from his Orthodox cop pursuers and … well, it doesn’t exactly turn into a high-speed chase.

See Woody Allen Confronted With His Crimes