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The 13 Spookiest Noises on the Black Keys’ New Album, Turn Blue

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photo by Getty

In the past, the Black Keys took their cues from long-dead blues musicians. Now they sound haunted by those blues musicians’ ghosts. Turn Blue, the band’s eighth studio album, just sounds so spooky. Lead singer/guitar player Dan Auerbach brought the overall moody feeling, inspired by the death of his marriage, and producer/frequent collaborator Danger Mouse brought the Halloween-ready sonic accoutrements. From a Vincent Price–esque pipe organ to what can only be described as “an alien dragonfly on the attack,” here are the 13 (scary number!) spookiest sounds from Turn Blue.

1. Haunted theremin from “Weight of Love”

2. Creature slowly emerging from his black-lagoon home from “Weight of Love”

3. OOoOOoOoOoOoOoOo from “In Time”

4. Ghost sidekick from “In Time”

5. The subtle high-pitched noise in the background that will eventually drive you crazy to the point of murder from “In Time”

6. Two predators making out from “Turn Blue”

7. Alien-dragonfly on the attack from “Turn Blue”

8. Classic horror-movie pipe organ from “Fever”

9. Ghost playing a woodblock from “Year in Review”

10. Dying computer from “Year in Review”

11. Crying pterodactyl from “Bullet in the Brain”

12. Sound of a skeleton sneaking around from “Bullet in the Brain”

13. Godzilla in the distance roaring through a wah pedal from “Waiting on Words”

13 Spookiest Noises on the Black Keys’ Turn Blue