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Vulture Festival Video: Adam and Naomi Scott Discuss The Greatest Event in Television History

There have been few ideas as bizarrely noble as Adam and Naomi Scott’s The Greatest Event in Television History project, and we were excited to hyperanalyze the meticulously crafted series of specials with the married producers at our inaugural Vulture Festival. The premise behind Greatest Event is simple: frame-for-frame reenactments of the opening-credits sequences from semi-obscure 1970s and ’80s programs, such as Simon and Simon and Too Close for Comfort. To make the four installments that have aired on Adult Swim to date, the Scotts recruited some impressive names, including Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Tom Hanks, and Billy Joel. In their deep-dive interview with Vulture’s Denise Martin at the Festival, they reveal that email exchanges with Jon Hamm sparked the idea, recount a memorable visit to Billy Joel’s house on Long Island, and divulge details about the Beverly Hills, 90210 re-creation that never was.

Watch Adam and Naomi Scott Talk Greatest Event